Knock Off Felt Stockings

DIY Knock off Felt Stockings

This year our women’s church group wanted to do a humanitarian project.  We decided on doing stockings for a local youth detention center.  I was tasked with coming up with the design prototypes for the stockings.  I searched around Pinterest and found my 5 favorite ideas and presented them to the other people who were planning the activity.  We chose three that we liked and I set out to make knock off versions of them.  They had to be easy to do with few supplies and easy to mass produce since we would be making 90 of them.   The stockings were all machine sewn around the edges and then decorated with felt and hot glue.


The first inspiration stocking was from Martha Stewart.  I loved the little woodland deer with its white tummy.

knock_off stockings3

I did a simple stocking silhouette for this one.  I cut out some paper templates for everyone to use.  The deer was cut out of brown felt, the scalloped edge was cut out of red felt and the rectangle was cut out of white felt.  The red scalloped edge was glued to the bottom underside of the white rectangle and then that piece was glued to the top of the front of the stocking.

martha stewart knock off deer stocking_

To make the deer I used some chalk and rubbed it on the belly and throat.  Then I used my finger to blend in the chalk.  One dot from a black sharpie for the eye finished off the deer.  I hot glued the deer onto the middle of the stocking.   To finish the stocking off I cut a thin rectangle and folded it on top of itself to make a loop.  Then I glued the loop to the top of the stocking on the left side between the front and back stockings.


The next stocking inspiration was from The Company Store.  It doesn’t look like it is available anymore though.

knock_off stockings

For this one I cut out some paper templates of the whimsical trees and used them to cut 3 green and 3 red trees out.  The colorful decorations on the trees were just tiny rectangles of felt cut and hot glued within the trees.

DIY felt Christmas stocking

I machine sewed around the stocking and then placed the trees onto it.  Places were the tree overlapped the stocking were just cut off.  Then I hot glued the trees in place and added a loop to the top left corner.


The last stocking inspiration was from Garnet Hill and doesn’t look to be available for purchase anymore either.

knock_off stockings2

For this one I made a template of an elf stocking in my Silhouette software.  I then used the paper pattern shown above (hereafter called “pointy rectangle”) to cut out two felt pointy top strips.  The strips were slightly larger than the width of the stocking top. We made 15 green stockings and 15 red stockings so  I also got red and green puff balls.  You need 7 puff balls for each stocking, 6 for the top and 1 for the tip of the toe.  After I machine sewed the stocking, I  positioned and then glued the pointy rectangles to the top of the stocking.  I made sure that I left an overhang on either side so that I could glue the pointy rectangle sides together.  Then I glued a puff ball the the ends of each point and one of the tip of the stocking.  Add your loop to the top left again to finish it off.

elf style knock off stocking

The project was a huge success! We were able to make and fill 90 stockings! I am excited and hope that the kids at the detention center will feel the love that went into each stocking!

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