Kids Aviator Costume with DIY Pilot Goggles

Kids Aviator Costume

Halloween is creeping up on us! If you are still looking for a costume, I have a last minute easy to throw together idea for a boy Halloween costume.  I first thought of having my son be an aviator when I saw this cute leather bomber jacket from the GAP.  I thought that it could do double duty as a trendy jacket but also a Halloween costume.  Once I had the jacket (which I waited until it was on sale), the rest came together fairly easily.

DIY aviator goggles tutorial

I already had the hat that I purchased from Old Navy last year.  I just needed to make a scarf and aviator goggles.  The scarf was easy, just a strip of creamy white jersey fabric.  The only missing piece was the goggles.

aviator goggles tutorial 1

Since refashion is my game, I grabbed an old leather boot and a plastic toy case.  I cut out a paper oval template that was about 3 x 2 inches and also the inside of the oval which was about 2.2 x 1.2 inches.

aviator goggles tutorial 2


I used the template to cut out the leather and the plastic.  I used the inside paper template to cut out the inside of the leather oval.  I made the plastic slightly smaller  than the leather.   I cut out four leather ovals for goggles and 2 plastic ovals.  I sandwiched the plastic in between the leather and sewed around so that it had some cute topstitching.  I cut a little rectangle and hot glued it to the inside of the goggles.

bomber pilot goggles

I cut another longer piece of leather, hot glued the sides down and then glued it to the sides of the goggles so that it fit my boy’s head.

DIY Bomber pilot goggles


Throw it all together and and you have one cute DIY bomber pilot/ aviator Halloween costume!

Aviator Halloween Costume

DIY Boy Halloween Costume Pilot

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  1. This is just too cute! I wish I had boy to dress up like this 😀

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