A few moments from my week…

I made chocolate covered strawberries for my nephews baby blessing.  You can’t beat that combination.

We went on a run and Tessa stopped every second to pick flowers.  One of her favorite things.  I am constantly handed bouquets of mint leaves and ivy.

This little guy scared me silly.  It was hiding behind the blinds and when I went to open the window, Bam! This particular snake was decorated by Audrey.

A few weeks ago Audrey told Jason to wake her up before he goes running on Saturday morning.  Well he did and Audrey has been loving it.  She is getting really good at running the whole time.  On this Saturday morning she was exploring and found a good collection of rocks, a penny, a shell, and a toy ring.

Audrey drew this flower for the party that she put together.  More on that later!

life rearranged


  1. I enjoyed so much reading this post! Very cute pictures!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend, honey !!


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