How to Keep a Christmas Tree from Falling Over

How to keep a Christmas Tree from Falling OverHow to keep a live Christmas tree from falling over. This trick will put the twinkle back into your holiday tree decorating!  One of my favorite Christmas traditions is going up to the mountains and cutting down our own Christmas tree.  We hike around, usually in the snow and try and spot the perfect tree.  Well the tree never ends up being perfect of course but the memories of cutting it down sure are.  Then we take the tree home and set it up.  The lights magically fall into place on each delicate branch.  The kids hang every ornament in just the right spot.  Christmas music is playing and a haze of bliss surrounds us all. Ha. In reality, my husband and I have a running tradition of getting into an argument as we put up the tree.  In fairness to us, we did manage to keep our cool this year.  One of the things that always messes up the experience of putting up our Christmas tree is that every year, our tree wants to take a nose dive and fall over.  Over the years we have tried everything we could think of.  We have put wood around the trunk of the tree.  We have wrapped a towel around the trunk of the tree.  We have secured the tree with lashings to the window.   We have tried different Christmas tree bases.  Nothing has worked really well.  What was the trick?! Nothing had taken that “Oh I hope the Christmas tree doesn’t fall over” thought out of my mind.  This year we have found just the thing!! After our tree took its annual fall on me while I was string the lights on it, my husband and I brainstormed and brainstormed.  For some reason, brainstorming while crouched on the floor holding up a falling tree is very irritating to me.  However we pushed through it and come up with… Flagstone rocks!

Tricks to keeping a live Christmas tree from falling over

Really any flat rock or brick would do.  It just has to fit in your tree stand, be tall enough to reach the bottom of the tree stand bucket and tall enough that the screws will hit it.  We have a bunch of flagstone in our backyard so I went and scoured through the rock pile until I found some pieces that would work.  One of them was a little too short so we stacked two on top of each other.  If your tree truck is really narrow, you could also put in some wood pieces on the other screws like we did to make it even more steady.   The flagstone rocks add weight to the base and  stabilize it so that the trunk doesn’t fall over.

Next year I am fully expecting a Christmas haze of bliss as we put up our extra sturdy tree!