Halloween Spooky Sticks Centerpiece

Here is a festive centerpiece that is easy and whimsical.  I made a bunch for a church function but they would also be great for all the entertaining and parties that go on during Halloween time.

We headed up the canyon and gathered a bunch of sticks.  The girls loved helping.  The crazier looking, the better.  Took them home and spray painted them black.  I had a little left over silver glitter spray so I lightly sprayed them with glitter as well.

I divided them up into canning jars and finished them off with some black netting and ribbon.  I did a mixture of lime green and grey ribbon.

Since I had everything on hand and the sticks were free, these centerpieces ended up costing nothing and were a hit at the party.

Plus they are spooky, but in a classy way.

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  1. This is beautiful! I love your photography skills to. Great job!


  2. I have been in blog limbo and somehow missed this… will send a link to my MIL. She throws an enormous Halloween party every year and this would make a cute centerpiece 🙂

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