Grinch Service Party

Last year I started a new tradition in my family.  It began with  my sister in-law and I talking about doing a grinch party.  I was in the middle of planning a 12 days of service for my kids and I thought it would be fun to involve the rest of my family too.  I would combine the grinch party with the service ideas and make it a Grinch Service Party.    It turned out to be so much fun and the kids loved it! I kept it really low key because who wants to add even more things to do in the month of December!  Keep in mind that these pics are from last year when I wasn’t blogging so they are less than stellar :).


This is the invitation I made.  I wanted to focus on the part in the Grinch when he realizes that “Christmas doesn’t come from a store” and that “Christmas  means a little bit more”.

Food Collection_grinch party

You’ll see at the bottom of the invitation that I  asked all the kids to bring some canned food to donate to those with “an empty tummy”.  We gathered up the food and then after the party, my kids and I took it to our local food coalition.

great grandparents book

Besides the food collection, I had 2 other service projects planned, one craft and then my daughter (the budding party planner) put together a game for the kids to play also.  The first service project was a little book that we put together for the great grandparents.   When you opened the book, the page on the left had a picture of one of the great grandchildren with their name and age and then the page on the right had a drawing by that child.  These books were darling!  I wrapped them up and gave them to the great grandparents for Christmas.  I was told later that  not only did the great grandparents love to show off their great grandkids to others, but they also used the books all the time to review the names of the great grandkids before they came over!

service ideas for kids

The other service project we did was very near and dear to my heart.  It was just a few short months earlier that my very own son had been life flighted to Primary Children’s Medical Center from our local hospital.  When we were at the hospital (before he was life flighted), the pediatric unit gave my son a blanket to keep.  I was touched by this small act of kindness and was surprised by the comfort that it gave to me as his mother. If you want to know more about what happened to my son, you can read about it in this post I wrote.  I wanted to pass along the kindness in hopes that some other child or mother would feel that same comfort in their dark hour.  I put on the Grinch movie and we tied two fleece blankets while we watched.

whoville houses

For our craft we decorated “Whoville” houses.  I purchased the house shape and accessories from the Silhouette Online Store and cut them out with my CAMEO.  The kids decorated the houses with feathers, sequins, markers and the paper accessories.

Grinch Party Kids Craft

Grinch kids craft whoville house

For the last activity, my oldest daughter, who is quite the party planner herself, put together this pin the heart on the Grinch game.

pin the heart_grinch

Initially the control freak in me wanted to make the grinch myself but I took a deep breath and said that of course she could make the Grinch.

Grinch Party Game

She did it all on her own and it was so stinking cute! I am glad that I gave her a chance to express her creativity and help.   That is what the Grinch party is all about after all, helping others.

Grinch Party Food

A party wouldn’t be a party without food! My mom baked up some grinch cookies and my sister-in-law provided the drink which was Sprite and lime sherbet.  I dipped the glasses in green sugar crystals before we poured the drinks.  Easy yet very Grinchish.

This Grinch service party was actually one of my favorite things that we did last Christmas.  I really liked getting my kids involved in service and having fun while we did it.  I am looking forward to the Grinch service party that we will be doing this year!


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  1. Love this focus on service! Our family has deep affection for the Grinch story – my brother can even recite the entire book by memory! So I love this connection and effort to serve others. Fabulous idea…saving it for later, for sure!

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