Gift Wrap Wrapper

Gift Wrap Wrapper Designed by Lisa Richards

Wrap it up wrap it in, let me begin.  I totally thought that was how the Jump Around song started out.  Turns out I have sung it wrong in my head all these years.  It really goes “pack it up pack it in, let me begin”.  I like my version better especially since it deals with crafting.  I made this gift wrap wrapper to decorate a birthday present for my daughter to take to a birthday party.  I am always looking for new gift wrap ideas and so it was fun to try out a present sans a bow.  You can see the full tutorial for how I made the wrapper over at the Silhouette blog today.  If you want to see some other pretty gift wrap ideas, follow along on my Wrap it Up Pinterest Board!  If you have a gift wrap board, comment and send me the link! I would love to browse :).

Wrap It Up Grey Luster Girl Pinterest

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