How To Fancy Up Plain Brownies


This story starts with grass and ends with brownies.  I will preface with a little back story.  When we bought our home it had an old white picket fence around it that was covered with ivy and rose bushes and a million other plants.  I am sure in its time it gave a very quaint cottage feel to the home.  Time had got the better of it though and it was overrun to the max and would require more maintenance than we were willing to commit to it. Plus it was put in before the property lines of our yard were established so a large piece of the yard was on the other side of the fence and was covered in weeds.  We tore the fence out (hello craft projects!) and ripped all the plants out.  Funny I say that in one little sentence because it has been THE never ending project and it took us three years to do! We had plans of putting sod in all the places that the weeds and plants used to be.  In the spare time that we did not have, we were slowly getting the weeds out in preparation for sod.  Then a pallet and a half of sod fell into our laps.  We were so grateful to get the sod, the only problem was that we were not ready for it.  We went into overdrive.

We are getting closer to the brownies…stay with me!

In my attempts to hurry the process along, I hauled all the kiddos outside with me one morning and was grading the dirt and laying the sod by myself while my husband was at work.  The process was going very slow because it was marked by frequent stops to help the kids.  Just then a neighbor was out on a morning walk.  He saw the situation and offered to help.  I have a hard time accepting help so I told the neighbor that I was about to go inside to get the kids lunch anyways and that I was alright doing it by myself.  He wouldn’t take no for an answer and promptly went home to get more tools to help.  With his help, the sod went in so fast and he even rerouted sprinklers for us too.  I was so grateful.

Here is where the brownies come in…

I wanted to do something nice to show my appreciation for my neighbor.  It was a Sunday when I went into the kitchen with my recipe in mind to start baking.  I was missing one ingredient for my recipe.  The problem was that this ingredient plays a staring roll in many baked goods…butter.  Every recipe I wanted to do had butter in it.  I was forced to do a brownie from a mix. Luckily I had the Ghiradelli Triple Chocolate Brownie mix so I wouldn’t be too much of a baking disgrace.  I wanted to fancy them up though some how.  Eggless cookie dough on top was my first wish…stinky butter.  How about a nice frosting…curse you butter! Plain brownies it was.  My creative shoulders were hunched in shame.   I decided that I could try and fancy them up in my packaging method instead.

Wrap_Up_Brownies_Cute_PackagingI cut strips of wax paper and wrapped them around the brownie.  Washi tape secured the wax paper in place.  Then I tied some bakers twine around it all to finish it off.  This was looking better! Plus now I could stack them.

brownies_wrapped_wax_paper I got a clear plastic bag and stacked them up inside.  I added a thank you tag and I was out the door.  They might have been just plain brownies but they were plain brownies with style!

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