Easy Peasy Kids Maxi Skirt Tutorial

Easy_Peasy_Kids_Maxi_Skirt_tutorialThis kids maxi skirt has to be one of the easiest articles of clothing to sew.  A few strait stitches and you are all done!   I actually started with a pair of black gauchos so one of my lines of sewing was already done for me.  I cut my gauchos up so that I had two tubes.

IMG_2215 A long one for the skirt and a small one for the waistband.  If you don’t have a pair of gauchos, fear not! You can use any jersey stretch fabric.  Depending on the size of the skirt you are doing, you could even use a large t-shirt. Since I am using gauchos, I will proceed by only showing what I did and you can adapt it for the material you are using.  I first measured my daughters waist.

IMG_2216I sewed one straight stitch on the side of  the small waistband  so that the resulting tube would be the exact size of her waist.  I also measured the top of the long skirt tube to be the exact size of her waist.

take in sidesSince the long skirt tube had seams on either side, I needed to cut a little from both sides so that it would fit her waist.  I measured the top of the skirt and subtracted that from the size of her waist.  I divided that number by two.  I measured that amount on both sides and marked it.  Using my white pencil, I marked the part that would be cut off and tapered it into the existing seam.   I sewed along my pencil line.  Next I pinned the waistband to the skirt. This is probably the trickiest part of the whole thing! It is not hard though once you know which way to face the skirt and the waistband.

IMG_2222Turn the skirt inside out so that the right sides are on the inside.  Put the waistband into the skirt so that the wrong side of the waistband is touching the right side of the skirt.  See the picture above.  I then sewed the waistband onto the skirt.  When you turn the skirt right side out, the wrong side of the waistband will be showing.

fold over top maxi skirtYou want it to be that way so that when you fold the waistband over in half, the right side is then showing.   Now wasn’t that just so easy!  At first I thought that it would be too constricting for a kid and that my daughter wouldn’t be able to play around too well in it but she does just fine! It actually looks really comfortable on her.  She loves wearing it and is constantly requesting it.   A maxi skirt for an adult would be the same easy process.  Who doesn’t like easy!

DIY kids Maxi Skirt refashion

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