Easy Gift Wrapping Ideas with Kraft Paper

Easy Gift Wrapping Ideas using Kraft Paper

One of my absolute favorite colors and paper types to use is kraft paper.  The neutral color of it lends itself nicely as a great backdrop that you can build upon.  For the last few years I have been wrapping all my Christmas presents in kraft colored wrapping paper and then embellishing them.  I have put together some easy gift wrap ideas to use this Christmas and throughout the year!


1. Oversized Paper Bow


This bow is made using strips of paper.  You fold the ends so that one end is on top of the other.  You can see a tutorial here.  I purchased the shape for it in the Silhouette online store and then made the bow big so that it would make a statement.


2. Christmas Tree Ornament

Ornament gift wrap

Last year at the after Christmas 50% off sale I stocked up on packs of these darling snowflake ornaments.  I used some for my daughter’s halloween costume and busted them out again for a quick gift wrap decoration.  I tied it to a ribbon and I was done.  Since they come in a pack of 20, you get quite the bang for your buck!

Fabric_tag_gift wrapping

3.  Fabric Scrap Tag


This is probably my personal favorite of the bunch.  I simply took a few pieces of scrap fabric and cut them into rectangles and pennants.  Then I added a hand typed Christmas message.

3d star gift wrap

4.  3D Star

3d star gift_wrap_upclose

I love 3-dimensional embellishments on presents and a star is perfect for Christmas time.  It is very easy to make.  Simply fold the star at the pointy parts and indent the star on the non pointy parts.   I also added a strip of scrap fabric and layered the star on top of the fabric with a ribbon.


5.  Oversized Pennant


I can’t get enough of the pennant shape! I adorned this package with an oversized pennant that wrapped around the top of the gift and attached the the back of the gift.  I used double sided tape to keep it down and then tied a ribbon around it.

First_Initial Tag with Pom Pom

6.  Puff Ball with First Initial tag

pom_pom_initial tag

This is the gift wrap idea that I used for my kids last Christmas.  In fact this is one of the very tags and puff balls that I used.  One of good things about about taking the time to make cute gift wrap and tags is that you can re-use them.  Each of my kids have a different first letter for their names so it worked out nicely.  This especially works well for littler kids who recognize the first letter of their name but can’t quite read yet.   The puff ball is made by wrapping yarn around a cardboard rectangle about 50 times and then tying it together in the middle and cutting the ends.


7.  Black Vinyl Deer


Woodland creatures are so hot right now, especially deer.  I placed a simple black vinyl deer shape in the bottom right corner of my package and then tied a thin yarn a few times around the top of the package.

tassel_gift wrap

8.  Yarn Tassel


I am getting a lot of mileage out of regular ol’ yarn.  This yarn tassel is made similarly to the yarn puff ball but instead of tying it in the middle like the puff ball, you tie it about 1/4 down from one end and then cut the opposite bottom part.

Name Gift Wrap

9.  Large Paper Names

Names_Gift Wrap

I first saw this idea here and loved it.  This is how I am wrapping the gifts for my kids this year.  I am also going a step further and color coordinating them as well.  My oldest daughter will have her name in red, my younger daughter’s name will be in blue and my son’s gifts will have his name in green letters.


10.  Berry Sprig

berry_gift wrap_upclose

Grab a sprig of berries and insert it into a scrap fabric bow.  Easy and elegant.  I used this gift wrap idea for a wedding gift  this past weekend.  Best wrapped gift on the table if I do say so myself.

Weave_gift wrap_Christmas

11.  Paper Weave

Weave_gift wrap

I first saw this idea here.  I used Christmas colors and added a simple white tag.

washi tape gift wrap

12.  Washi Tape Pennant Banner

washi_pennant gift wrap

I first saw this idea here.  I wrapped pieces of washi tape around thin yarn and then cut them into pennant shapes.  You can easily change up the design of the washi tape to coordinate for whatever event you are gift giving for.

12 days of Christmas Books_single_wm

13.  Glitter Bow

glitter bow gift wrap idea

You will notice this one from my 12 days of Christmas books post.  A simple gold sparkly glitter ribbon can add a little glam to an otherwise plain gift wrap.


14. Metal Stamped Tag


This one takes a little longer but it is very charming.  The metal tag is actually made from a pop can! If you want to see another project I did using a metal stamped pop can, you can see it here.

paper bow_gift wrap

15.  Paper Bow

paper bow for gift wrap

There are so many darling paper patterns out there and so this last easy gift wrap idea can be customized to the hilt! This paper bow is from the Silhouette online store but you can also find many free patterns for them online  I even made this pattern into a felt hair bow here!

How do you wrap your Christmas gifts?


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