Dress Up a Gift with Kraft Paper and White Ink

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Wrapping a gift is sometimes an afterthought for me.  I will put so much time into the gift itself that I usually leave the wrapping until the last minute.  Then it just ends up to be a no frills affair.  It is something that I have been working on though! Here are three ideas to dress up a gift using kraft colored cardstock or gift wrap and white ink .

An easy and fun way to dress up a gift is to add a cute tag.  My daughters were going to a polka-dot party so my oldest daughter had an idea of a polka-dot tag.  She is a crafter in the making, I’m telling you! I took some kraft colored cardstock and cut out a simple square tag.  I grabbed a pencil and my white ink stamp and used the eraser of the pencil as my stamp.

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Then I added a rolled paper rose made out of music sheets and a little pennant birthday wish.  The white polka-dots are fun but in a classy way.

The next idea is to use a stencil.  I cut out a chevron stencil with my Silhouette Cameo and laid it on top of my present that was wrapped in kraft colored gift wrap.  I taped it in place at first but found that it wasn’t really necessary to tape it as long as I held it in place with my other hand.  I repeated the pattern all the way to the top of the present but I only stamped on just the front, not the sides or the back.  I guess you could stamp them all if you wanted to but you get the same effect for less work when you just do the top.

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I added a big pink paper flower and some yellow bakers twine to really bring it all together.

For our last example, we will be using kraft paper, a vinyl image or easy to peel-off sticker and white ink.  Place your vinyl or sticker on your kraft paper tag.  I used transfer paper to get my vinyl image just where I wanted it to be.  I stamped the negative space all around the vinyl image and then removed the vinyl.

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This gift was going to be given as a teacher appreciation gift from my daughter so I added a thank you note and tied it onto some yummy cookies with bakers twine.

Can I just say that I love kraft colored paper!  I love how it naturally goes well with so many different colors and textures.  It is subtle but can be easily dressed up with just some white ink!

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