DIY Sunglasses Case and End Of Year Teacher Gift

DIY Sunglasses Case

Today is the last day of school for my oldest daughter.  Since this is my first child in school, I am still trying to figure things out like teacher gifts and such.  Our teacher appreciation week was a few weeks ago and my daughter brought a little gift for her teacher.  Do kids give end of year gifts too? I have seen so many cute teacher gifts on Pinterest but I wasn’t sure if that was customary or if that was just one more thing that seeing all the creative ideas on Pinterest helps us feel like we have to do.  I am all for doing creative things, hence this DIY blog, but some things are even a little out of control for me.  Thinking about it though, I am very grateful to my daughter’s wonderful teacher.  She has been so kind and has been an important person in my child’s life so I figured that I couldn’t go wrong with a little extra gift to express our appreciation.  I had thought about purchasing some gourmet cupcakes at first but then I asked my dear friend, who is a teacher, what her favorite gifts have been.  She said that she really liked the homemade gifts.  Now homemade something I can do! The gift idea started out as a project for myself actually.  I wanted to make a case for my sunglasses because they always end up getting scratched in my purse.  Then a little phrase popped into my head and I knew it would be a darling teacher gift.


“Thank you for helping me ‘See’, just how fun learning can be”.  I wanted to case to be slightly retro looking and all around cute.  I made one case for my daughters teacher and loved it so much that I made one for myself too.


I chose my fabric, a light whitish color for the outside and a blue with white polka dots for the inside.

Blue Polka Dot inside glasses case

I cut two 8×5 inch rectangles from the white outside and two from the blue lining as well.  This was for the teachers case.  After it was finished I thought that the case was just slightly too wide.   I cut the fabric  rectangles 8 x 4 1/2 inches for my case.  I am on the fence about which one I like better.  THe 8 x 4 1/2 fits the sunglasses nicely but I feel like the 8×5 one just looks better.  With the fabric cut I set out to make the sunglasses image.   I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out a pair of sunglasses  on freezer paper.  Using the negative piece, I ironed it onto the right side of the  outside white piece of fabric.  The glasses are such a simple image that if you don’t have an electronic cutter, you could just trace a picture of glasses onto freezer paper and cut it out with an exacto knife.  I used a black velveteen fabric paint from in black to paint in the sunglasses image.  Following the instructions I let it dry for 4 hours and then set a piece of scrap fabric over it while I ironed it.  That is what makes the velveteen pop and it sets the paint.  To assemble the bag I used this simple to follow tutorial from Pink Polka Dot Creations.  I got the sunglasses on sale so that helped cut the cost down and I had all the other materials for the bag already so it turned out to be a pretty cost effective gift as well.  I still can’t believe that my little girl will be in first grade next year! I am not ready for her to grow up.  At least we still have the summer and at least I can ring in the summer with my new cute sunglasses case!

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  1. Melanie Henage says:


    That is so stinkin cute! What a fun idea! I don’t know about other teachers, but I don’t generally get a year end gift (course I do teach 7th graders, so it’s not really “cool” to give your teacher anything). I think that’s awesome you did it. I’m sure Audrey’s teacher loved it! I agree with your friend on the homemade gift. Those are the absolute best! I wish I was Audrey’s teacher! 🙂

  2. I love this sun glasses case! I think my favorite part is the slightly unexpected fabric you used inside. What a cute gift idea!

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