DIY Kids Knee Patch

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My daughter loves leggings.  She does not enjoy wearing jeans or tights.  She wears skirts but usually wears leggings under the skirts.  When we got to the point where 4 pairs of leggings had holes, I knew I had to do something.  I wasn’t just going to keep buying leggings for her to get more holes in.  Instead we patched them up with some fun shapes.  So far we have two hearts, a star and a flower.  I also just found another pair of leggings in her drawer with a hole as well so we may be throwing another shape into the mix.

The leggings in the picture above are a little stretched out because she was wearing them before we fixed them.  Anywho…This is a simple repair to do.  I first hand sewed up the holes to keep them from getting bigger.  Then I cut the shapes out of some old shirts that I had.  Pin them over the hole and sew them on using a straight stitch.  They all turned out so cute! I only have a pic of the heart one but they are all equally adorable.  Plus I love that it is only on one knee.  How cute will this be to wear for Valentine’s Day!

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