DIY Key Notebook from an Old Book


Countless times these past few weeks, an idea would pop into my mind of a project or craft that I wanted to do.  Of course I would immediately store that idea into the I Know I Will Not Forget Such A Cool Idea But Inevitably Do portion of my mommy brain.

That storage area of my brain is undoubtably streaming with forgotten creative wonders yet to be unleashed.  In other words, I needed something to help me get my mind under control.  I needed a central place to write it down that was just my own.


I grabbed a well used old book and cut off the front and back covers.  I glued on some scrapbook paper to the inside of the covers to hide a picture of a random cat that was there pretty them up. I decided to add two tabbed pages just in case I wanted some separation to my ideas.  I then cut some printer paper to size and bound it all together with my Bind-It-All.  It needed a little something extra so I cut out a vintage vinyl key for the front cover.  I decided to go with a key because this journal was going to be the “Key to My Sanity”.  So far it has been super helpful and I have only had one page colored on by my youngest daughter.  Hopefully it will stay that way!

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