DIY Hooded Cloak Tutorial

DIY Hooded Cloak Tutorial

When my daughter and I decided that she was going to be a snow princess for Halloween, I knew that I wanted her to have a hooded cloak.  I knew I could make one but didn’t really know how I was going to do it.  Turns out it was easier than I thought!


I found the fabric at a thrift store- it was a round white silky tablecloth with lace edging.  Being a refashion loving girl, I saw the potential that it had to become a darling cloak.

cut cloak hood

The first thing I did was put it up to my daughter to see where I wanted to cut it.   Then I folded it in half lengthwise (hot dog style) and cut it off where I had marked.

large hood for cloak

I wanted the hood to be oversized so that it looked less like a red riding hood cape and more like a princess walking through the forest cape.  I took the small piece for the hood, keeping it folded in half still, and trimmed off the pointy end while giving it some curve as well.  Then I sewed it together like the picture above.  Keep in mind that it is still really big even after having been sewn.  It is starting to look like a hood isn’t it?!


Next I gathered the straight edge.

sew on hood

I put the cloak part on my daughter and marked where I wanted the hood to be and then I pinned and sewed it on.

bias on cloak

To cover the seams inside, I took a strip of the DIY Snow Princess Costume skirt fabric and sewed it on kind of like it was bias tape.

glue boa

I used hot glue to attach the white feather boa to the inside of the hood.

cloak bias

At this point you can get all fancy and add a closure like a hook and eye, snap, velcro whatever.  Or you can do as I did and use a safety pin covered up by a big sparkly snowflake.

DIY hooded cloak

The really neat thing about making the oversized hood so large is that my daughter can wear it around her shoulders or on her head.  I like it on her head but she loves the crown so likes to have it around her shoulders more.

full length cloak

Check out the whole Snow Princess Halloween Costume here! 

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  1. Hi Lisa,

    What a cute project! I love it so much that I decided to feature it in our roundup of DIY designs with hoods! Check it out here:

    Have a great day!

  2. Hi, I was wondering if you could email me and tell me exactly how to make this for my baby girl! I’d love to make it, but I have to have it all spelled out for me as I’ve never sewn. I’m willing to hand sew it too. If you could help me that would be amazing! I fbed you so can you check your other’s folder

    • greylustergirl says:

      Hi Kate! The whole tutorial is in the blog post. Not sure what other help I could give :). Good luck!

      • Okay I got the cloak part done now how do I make that fabulous oversized hood? What shape do I cut it from and what do I do? I can’t tell from your pic. Thank you so much making it now.

        • greylustergirl says:

          Hi Kate! I will try to explain the hood picture more… You start with a half circle of fabric. Fold it in half so that it looks like a piece of pizza. Then you are going to cut off the tip of it and round it out. Sew the seam together where you cut it. Depending on how much of the tip you cut, you will have a smaller or bigger hood. Then you gather the raw edge of the side that will be connected to the cloak and sew it on. Hope that helps! Good luck!

  3. hello, thank you very much for your instructions. My son wants to dress up as a hobbit for a dress up day in school, and I didn’t know how to make a cloak!

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