DIY Glass Etched Christmas Goblets

Glass Etching Christmas Gift

My parents have a really cute tradition that they do it every Christmas eve.   After they have finished getting everything set up for Christmas the next day, they sit down next to each other by the Christmas tree and share a sparkling apple cider toast.    It was thinking about this fun tradition that gave me the idea for a handmade Christmas gift.  Two (or more) glass goblets etched with a festive Christmas phrase combined with a bottle of sparkling apple cider.

Handmade Christmas Gift Etched Glasses

The phrase I chose was the Merry & Bright-Perfect Flourish made by Kolette Hall which can be found in the Silhouette Online Store.

Glass Etching Christmas Gift TutorialFirst I picked up a box of glass goblets.  It was on clearance for $3.99 for 4 goblets.  Not bad! If you have never etched on glass before, keep in mind that not all glass etches.  I sadly learned this the hard way.  Some pyrex won’t etch.  I had no problem with these goblets though, they etched beautifully!  Next I opened up my Silhouette software and got my phrase ready.

Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 9.01.05 PM

I did an external offset around the shape.   I first tried doing just a square around the shape and it didn’t work as well.  When I transferred the vinyl to the glass, the square didn’t wrap good around the glass which left some places where the etching cream seeped through.  Lesson learned!

Glass etching tutorial 1When you etch onto glass, you cut your image out onto vinyl and then weed out the image leaving just the negative.   Since the Merry & Bright phrase was all one piece, it came off easily.  I put that image onto a blank tag because I couldn’t in good conscience throw away such a cute little vinyl saying!  It will be a perfect tag to go on my homemade glass etched Christmas gift!  After you weed out the actual image, use transfer tape to transfer the vinyl to the goblet.  I put my goblet in a bowl of dry beans to keep it steady while I put on the vinyl.

glass etching tutorial 2After doing a few of these, let me pass on some tips! Don’t pull your transfer paper all the way off yet.  Do about half the image at a time, making sure that everything is lying flat and there are no raised edges or pockets where the cream could seep through.  With a fine paintbrush, put the etching cream on.  Follow the directions on the back of the bottle for the wait time.  I waited about 5 minutes then I carefully wiped away as much of the etching cream as I could.   Follow the directions on the back of your bottle about handling the cream.  I was VERY careful and didn’t touch it.  Once the top part was etched, I adjusted the bottom part so that the vinyl laid flat on the goblet and put the etching cream on that part as well.  After 5 more minutes, I had a beautifully etched glass goblet!

DIY Glass Etched Christmas Goblets


I am excited to give this handmade Christmas gift to my parents.  It would also be a great teacher gift or family gift.  Or gift for yourself as it will be in my case 🙂 for I am saving two of the glasses for me and my husband to do our own Christmas eve toast!

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  1. So pretty Lisa!! I haven’t tried etching just yet but I just love how your glasses turned out! I love that graphic too!

  2. Found you through TT & J. That is a PERFECT Christmas gift! Awesome job!

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