Color Block Shirt Refashion

diy color block shirt refashionThis is one of the easiest shirt refashions that I have ever done.  It is a great beginner refashion project and it comes together in one afternoon.  To make a color block shirt refashion, you first need to get two colors of shirts that will coordinate well. I started with 2 shirts that were less than desirable.  Hello blonde hair! As you can see I made this shirt a while ago back when I was still blonde.  Back to the shirts…Color Block Shirt beforeThe first was a bright pink stretchy maternity shirt.  It needed to find a new life.  It couldn’t go on making moms to be look like a giant pink bubble gum. It knew it had higher aspirations in life.  The second was an xxl shiny grey polo shirt from my dad.  This shirt thought it was too cool for school with its silky texture and desirable grey color.   These two shirts never knew they were going to become such good friends.   Let the story of their friendship begin.

color block shirt refashion tutorialI started by cutting up the seams of the grey shirt to give me two large pieces of fabric to work with.    I laid a shirt with a similar silhouette that I wanted on top of the dark silky grey shirt and cut out two pieces for the bottom.  I made sure to include the bottom existing hem of the silky grey shirt so that I wouldn’t have to sew that part.  I now had 2 squares of grey fabric for the bottom of the color block shirt.  Next I took the same light grey shirt from before and folded it over so that I had a pattern for the top of the shirt.  I cut out a front piece and a back piece out of the pink stretch maternity shirt.  Now I had a front pink top piece and a back pink top piece.  With right sides together, I sewed the front top piece to a grey bottom piece and did the same for the back.  Last step is to put the newly sewed color block pieces together.  With right sides together, I sewed up the shoulder seams straight across and then the side seams straight down.  I left the collar and the sleeve arm holes unfinished.  Because the pink shirt was made out of stretch knit, the fabric doesn’t fray.  Now that was easy and I love not having to deal with the color or sleeves.  The good news about this shirt was that it came together fast and nicely.  The bad news about this shirt is that the grey material on the bottom is probably the worst material ever to photograph.  The silkiness of the shirt causes it to look like it is wrinkled.  This is fine in real life because it is not really wrinkled, it just flows as I move but in photographs, not so much.  Try to look past the wrinkles to the ease and fun style of the shirt!

Easy color block shirt tutorial refashion

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  1. This one is cute too!! I love the color combo. I’m going to follow you via bloglovin so I can visit more often (^_^)

  2. That is super cool! You are so creative! Have a lovely week! Angie xo

  3. I LOVE this! You always come up with the cutest refashions!

    • greylustergirl says:

      You are so sweet Brandy! Are you still doing your link parties? I haven’t seen one in a while.

  4. This is so cute! Color-blocking is all the rage right now, I just would not have ever given trying it myself another thought. Thanks for the awesome idea! Stopping by from Hoyby Crafts!

  5. I love this refashion, I think i’ll have to try this out some time

  6. I love this refashion– the colors are really striking, and I have way too many maternity shirts hanging around. I’m the editor at and would love to feature this! I’ll use one picture and link back, of course!

  7. Hi, Lisa! I would like you to know that this post was the inspiration for my first ever refashion attempt, which I blogged about here:

    Thank you much for sharing your ideas; keep them coming, please!


    • greylustergirl says:

      I love it Marcia! Great job! I was thinking of doing a round-up of people who have made shirts from my tutorials. Would you mind if I included yours?

  8. Thank you very much; it would be an honor!

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