Clay Dog Tags and Toilet Paper Crowns

DIY Clay plush dog tag

As part of the Stuffed Puppy Dog Birthday Party that I threw for my five year old daughter, we dressed up our “build-a-puppies” with clay dog tags and golden toilet paper crowns.  I made the crowns beforehand but the kids each made their own clay dog tag.

DIY Clay Puppy Dog Tags

We used silver Sculpey clay for the dog tags.  The kids rolled the clay out and then used a cookie cutter to cut out a small circle.   We used an eyelet setter for the small hole.  The kids chose names for their puppies and then very gently stamped the names into the clay circles using a metal stamping set.  I baked the clay tags in the oven according to the package directions.   The kids loved naming their puppy dogs and having the names on a personalized dog tag made it official.   We did the dog tags right after the kids got their puppies so that I had time to bake the tags.   The tags were hard but not indestructible.  I learned this when my 2 year old son decided to take a bite of lucky’s tag.

broken lucky dog tag

Lucky wasn’t so lucky anymore.   All the other tags have held up well.

DIY Toilet Paper Crowns

In addition to the dog collars, I made toilet paper crowns not only for the puppies but also for each of the girls.  To make the crowns I traced the jagged points onto the toilet roll at the half way mark and then cut it out on those lines.  This let me get 2 crowns out of each roll.  I spray painted the crowns gold and then punched a hole in each side of the crown.   Some crowns had 4 points, some 5, some 6… whatever I felt like doing.  The crowns with more points came out cuter in my opinion.  The only difference between the puppy crowns and the kids crowns was the length of the elastic  attached to the crown.

Party Toilet Paper Crowns


I also made mini circle skirts for each of the puppies as well.  I will share more about that in another post!

If you want to see how I made the puppy dogs or the invitation to the stuffed puppy dog birthday party, you can check them out  HERE.

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