White Foam Deer Head Makeover

Foam Deer Head Makeover

My sister and brother-in-law are the real deal when it comes to hunting.  They have elk, deer and buffalo mounts in their home that they have shot themselves.  I have a big crush on all the cool and beautiful looking faux deer heads that are used in decorating right now.  They are so regal and yet so peaceful.  I felt like a total phony though for wanting to use one in my decor.  It wasn’t until my son came along and started loving deer that all my stupid feelings went out the window.  I got to have my first little taste of decorating with faux deer and antlers when I threw his 2nd birthday party for him.  It was a “dashing deer” party where all the deer where dressed up in ties.

DIY White Deer Head Decor Tutorial

I found this foam deer head at Target and bought it during their after Christmas sale.  It was half off so only $5.00.   If it didn’t work out, I wasn’t out too much money.   The foam deer obviously needed a little makeover though.  The colors aren’t my style, even during Christmas time.  I liked the faux wood looking plaque but wanted the rest of the deer head to be white.  At first I tried spray painting it but the paint just kept seeping in.  After many coats it looked like the picture on the bottom left.  I decided that I would try and seal it first with Mod Podge.   After I sealed it I tied spray painting it again.  Still not working real well.  The thing that worked the best was to paint the deer with acrylic paint.  Every one of my kids helped, even the birthday boy.  I had to relinquish my perfectionist tendencies to let them do this but I am glad I did.  It turned out better than if I would have done it myself.   There were different textures and brush strokes that made the deer look very rustic.

How to Paint Foam Deer Head

I guess I followed the package instructions and I decorated my own deer.  Only I made mine a little more chic than what Target had in mind.   This faux deer mount was the focal point of the decor at my son’s birthday party dessert table.  Stay tuned to see the whole Dashing Deer party coming up in the next few days!

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Cardboard Cereal Box TV Tray

Cardboard Cereal Box TV Tray

I am constantly amazed by all the things you can make with a cereal box! It is like free material at your beckon call.  I used a cereal box again to make the TV trays for my daughters My Little Pony Equestria Girls party.  They are super easy to make and the girls each loved having their own snack tray (and I loved that I wasn’t serving them non stop!). [Read more…]

3d Cardboard Ampersand

DIY 3d Cardboard Ampersand &

Don’t you love all the cardboard and metal letters that you see in home decor? They add such a fun and personal little accent to your decorations.  The thing I don’t love is shelling out money for something I just know I could make! Such was the case when I saw a small metal ampersand at the store the other day.  “This little & sign belongs on my Valentines mantel” I thought.  I had it in my hand but I just couldn’t go through with it.  I had to try and make my own.

3d ampersand tutorial &

I used the cardboard from a cereal box for my material.  This particular ampersand is brought to you by the help of Rice Krispies cereal.  I used my Silhouette CAMEO to cut out the ampersand sign so that it would be nice and perfect.  I chose one of the Perfect Flourish- Ampersand, and, & shapes from Kolette Hall found here.   If you have ever wanted to know how to cut a cereal box with your Silhouette CAMEO, you can check out this post.  I cut out two & signs, one a mirror image of the other.  I grabbed a piece of styrofoam that I had lying around and cut it up into equal pieces and hot glued it the pieces onto the wrong side of one cardboard ampersand piece.

How to make a 3d & sign

I started at the bottom when it was time to glue the other ampersand piece on.  That way I could get it to stand up straight.  Then I just kept gluing until I had glued all the styrofoam pieces on.

DIY & sign tutorial

I tried 3 different ways of finishing off this & sign.  The first one which I really wanted to do was make a flat leather covering for it.  Fail.  The second one I tried was wrapping it with washi tape.  Fail.  I needed something that was more flexible.  I grabbed a strip of fabric and wrapped it around.  Success!

3d Cardboard & Sign

This sweet little 3d cardboard ampersand has found a place on my Valentine’s Day mantel right next to a picture of my husband and I.  I know that I will be able to use it after Valentine’s Day though which always makes a DIY girl smile!

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Is It Gold, Is It White?


I am sure you have noticed that gold home decor is EVERYWHERE!  Gold is fun but can easily become tacky if your not careful.   I love subtle home decorations and these gold and white spray painted two toned bowls are a great way to take part in the gold trend without going overboard.


I started with some wooden bowls.  I had two small bowls and one large one.


I found that painting the inside of the bowl first worked the best.  I got some overspray onto the underside of the bowl but it was no problem because I just put the bowl face down on some newspaper when I was ready to spray the underside.   This acted kind of like a seal so that the freshly painted inside didn’t get any overspray.

two toned bowls

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to do white on the inside of the bowls or gold on the inside of the bowls.  I ended up trying out one of each on the small bowls.   I can’t decide which one I like more.  Which one do you like?

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Halloween Basket Makeover


This basket has been redone a few times but has finally found its true identity.  It started out as a bright orange plastic coated wire easter basket.  I picked it up at a thrift store and thought I could spray paint it to look like a classy metal wire basket.  So I set off to do just that.


I got some spray paint and I went to town.  It looked beautiful and I loved it! Not only did I love it, but the kids loved it too.  It was soon the designated carrier for all their toys.  I know full well that any decoration in arms reach of the kids will become a part of play time.  What I didn’t know was that as they played with the basket, the paint, which was not designed to go on plastic, was slowly chipping off.

basket makeover_chipped

The ending result was far cooler than any of the previous basket versions.

basket makeover_chipped2

The original orange color peeked through and gave it just a hint on Halloween.  Subtle and classy yet festive non the less.  If you have or come across a plastic easter basket, give it second thought for it could become something saweet.

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