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As the weather starts to get colder and the kids are in the house more, I have my eyes out for activities and crafts that they can do inside.   [Read more…]

Easy Witch Halloween Costume

Easy Handmade Witch Halloween Costume

This year we did an easy take on a classic Halloween costume, the witch.  This is an easy costume because you can use things that you probably already have in your child’s closet. [Read more…]

Golden Butterfly Princess Halloween Costume

Golden Butterfly Princess Halloween Costume DIYI must have looked like a deer in the headlights when my daughter said she wanted her costume to be a “Golden Flower Butterfly Princess” for Halloween.  Okay. [Read more…]

DIY Gold Index Cards, Free Silhouette file & Giveaway!

DIY Gold Index Cards

Phew. That title was a mouthful! There is plenty of fun stuff going on in this post though so make sure and get your free Silhouette file to make these DIY Gold index cards and don’t forget to enter the giveaway at the bottom too!

First I am going to share with you how I made these gold index cards for my daughters baptism.  I wanted something for the guests to write messsages to my daughter after her baptism and I wanted it to coordinate with the rest of the things that I had made.  I wanted to make some gold notecards and new my Silhouette CAMEO would come to my rescue.

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 7.53.28 PM

This is what the file looks like.  It is made for a 12 x 12  sheet of paper.  I color coded it for easy cutting.  First, using a gold sketch pen or gold marker, have your Silhouette cut the red lines (under advanced cutting click cut by line color and then pick red).  Once your design has been sketched out, change out the pen / marker for your cutting blade and have your Silhouette cut the blue lines.  That is all. Think of the index card or note card possibilities! If you want to make your top line a different color, you could even do that too.

Make Your own Gold note cards

You could try printing the lines on your printer first and putting registration marks on the paper but then you wouldn’t get that beautiful shine from the gold sketch pens!

DIY Gold Note cards made with Silhouette CAMEO


To download the free Silhouette (.studio) cut file for these DIY Gold Index Cards, click Here! 

 Now it is time for the giveaway! This giveaway is overflowing with goodies to use with your Silhouette machine! I am tempted to enter myself because I don’t have some of these things!! If you follow me on instagram or Pinterest, then you already have 2 entries!  It runs from October 22 to October 27, 2014 and you can enter using the Rafflecopter widget below! Good luck!!

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First Day of School Chalkboard Art Signs

First Day of School Chalkboard Art Sign

So far every year I have hand drawn some first day of school chalkboard signs for my kids.  You can see past ones I have done HERE, and HERE.

First day of kindergarten sign

It is fun to try out different designs on the chalkboard and to make different signs for each child.   This has worked for me so far because my two daughters have started school on different days.  I will have to figure out something different for next year when both my girls will be starting school at the same time.

First day of school sign chalkboard DIY

After I made my daughter’s first day of second grade sign, I had a space after the word GRADE so I put a little weird squiggle.  That stupid squiggle bugs me so bad.  Now I wish I would have thought to put the year like I did in my younger daughter’s chalkboard sign.

First day of second grade sign

We are off to a good start of school this year! Last year my oldest was nervous about everything and this year she is all smiles.   My youngest is so happy that two of the girls in her class have pretty names: Pearl and Julie (I am sure she thinks it is “Jewel-y”).   She also did report that she has the longest hair in the class.  So it looks like things are going pretty grand for her as well.   Fingers crossed that things continue going well!