Honeycomb Tray and Silhouette Portrait GIVEAWAY!

DIY Honeycomb tray upcycle

Happy Monday morning friends! Today you get a double treat, a tutorial and a giveaway for one of the BEST crafting tools around!!  Now that is a good start to the week right?! So first off let me share this project that I whipped up on Saturday. This project has been on the to-do list for almost a year now and I finally got around to it.  Ahhh! It feels so good to check a project off the list!! I bought this rather large gold tray at a yard sale last year and I liked to gold color but man was there a lot of gold! I wanted to do something to it to tone it down a bit. [Read more…]

More Travel Gifts for Kids

2 More Travel Gift Ideas for KidsSummer definitely feels like it is coming to a close.  Motivation is suddenly (and most welcomely) arriving and helping me accomplish my goals that I set for the beginning of the summer and never got to.  So naturally the last urge to feel like my summer wasn’t a total waste is aiding me and ushering in the new school year.  I did however, take a family vacation last week and wanted to share a couple of the travel gifts that I made for my kids for the ride down.  If your family is taking a last minute vacation, check out these fun travel gift ideas.  If you remember back to my series of Disney travel posts, one of my kids favorite ways to pass the travel time is with presents.

Travel Idea for Kids_Presents In fact, when asked what my youngest daughters favorite part of the trip was, she smilingly said “the presents”.  If you missed that last post, to recap, I wrap presents for the kids to open up every 1-2 hours or so.  I do a mixture of purchased toys, DVDs, treats and handmade gifts.   This time around we did get some fun toys for them but I also threw in some handmade gifts as well.  The first handmade travel gift was this DIY whiteboard made from a DVD case.  It all started when I purchased 2 packs of whiteboard crayons from the Toys R Us buy 1 get 2 free sale. The crayons were on sale but the whiteboards were not.  I searched around trying to find a DIY whiteboard.    Finally my eyes locked on a very cool idea.

DIY whiteboard from DVD CaseA DIY whiteboard made from a DVD case.  I tried to go to the link but it didn’t take me anywhere.  It is beyond easy though.  All you need to do is get a DVD case and slip a piece of white paper inside it.  I cut my paper to be 10 3/4 x 7 1/4 inches.  Slide it in and that is all.

Inside Whiteboard DVD case The clips inside the DVD case that usually hold advertisements and such are perfect for holding the dry erase cloth.  I had to situate the crayons strategically so that the case would close.  It shut and locked but had a tiny gap where the outside crayons were.  I tried cutting off the plastic parts that hold the actual DVD but all that did was just ruin the DVD case.  This ended up working just fine. Whiteboard from a DVD_crayons I was surprised how well the dry erase crayons worked on the DVD case.  They showed up well and erased just fine with the dry erase cloth, leaving no remnants of the picture behind.

Travel Gift Idea-WhiteboardMy oldest daughter loved drawing on her whiteboard and it kept her busy for longer than I thought it would.  She even used it and liked to draw on it after we arrived.

Travel Bingo Gift Idea_PrizeThe other handmade gift I did was a Bingo prize bag.  I had picked up this old school road trip travel Bingo cards at a yard sale.  They have little doors that slide over the object when you see it. I put together a bag of treats for each child for when they got a bingo.  I printed the BINGO letters onto a bright pink label sheet and then cut them out with my silhouette.  In an effort to stick them on the bag straight, I placed the clear ziplock on top of the printed bingo letters and matched them up.  I felt pretty ingenious doing that! That probably would have been a no brainer for some of you but I was patting myself on the back for that one.

So there you go, two more handmade travel gifts for kids to add to the list!

2_$25 to Amazon_greylustergirlAlso, Don’t forget to enter the current giveaway going on right now until Wednesday, Aug 7, 2013!


Anthropologie Shirt Refashion

anthropologie shirt refashion_close

Moving along in my attempt to refashion and revamp my wardrobe, I get to check off my number three shirt refashion.  The Anthropologie Pattern Pop Tee shirt.  I literally made this shirt 4 times before I got it right.  I was having serious brain abandonment issues on this one.  Meaning that my brain left.  Therefore I made the stupidest mistakes over and over again.  Finally my brain found its way back home and united in the common goal of conquering this Anthropologie shirt refashion, my brain and I got ‘er done.

Anthropologie Pattern Pop_Shirt Refashion copy

Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start (I am channeling my inner Fraulein Maria).  I came across a yard sale a couple of weeks back that had boxes and boxes of fabric.  My heart swelled with excitement.  Then the small party pooper thought crept into my mind that this could be me someday.  Boxes and boxes of fabric hoarded and unused.  Naturally I quickly swatted that thought away and started loading up.  I couldn’t shake it though and I enlisted my self restraint to only purchase my 4 favorite fabrics.  This is what I chose.


The top fabric already had a place in my mind.  It was going to pair up with a plain black t-shirt and become my Anthropologie shirt refashion.  Moving along, things are still going well.  Brain is still intact.  I had seen an Anthropologie Pattern Pop Tee Shirt tutorial over at Merrick’s Art.  Merrick is one talented lady.  She makes everything look good.  In her shirt refashion, Merrick made her shirt from scratch using a mens shirt and a fun patterned fabric.  I decided that I would just cut the back off of one of my existing shirts.  The patterned fabric on the Anthropologie shirt starts about at the mid to low shoulder blade area.  I wanted to lesson the work I had to do so I cut just below the sleeve.  So far so good.


I thought that since I was using an existing t-shirt, then half my work was already done right? Wrong.  Well I suppose that would be right for a normal person with a functioning brain, however this is right around the time my brain decided that it wanted no part in the upcoming events.  Mistake number one- I used the piece I just cut off for my guide for my patterned fabric.

wrong cut

The patterned fabric is not at all stretchy.  So I switched out a very stretchy fabric for a non stretchy fabric of the same size.  I made the whole shirt, put it on and smiled at the sausage before me.  It was beyond tight on me.  I wasn’t giving up though.  I unpicked the whole back part and cut another piece I used the piece I just unpicked and added fabric on either side and cut a new piece.  I sewed it all up again.  Still too tight.  This time I wised up and used a loose shirt as my guide.  I tried on attempt number three.  It was wearable.  Now for the choice of leaving it as is or taking it apart again and adding a little extra fabric for comforts sake.  I had worked too hard on this shirt for it not to work.  After 4 times I finally had the shirt I was hoping for from the beginning.  Here is a breakdown of what I SHOULD have done the first time.


Cut out your back piece making sure to allow plenty of extra fabric.  My final one ended up being about 4 inches bigger on each side of the original piece I cut off of the black t-shirt.


At the center of the back piece, add a pleat.  Make the pleat is big enough so that the top of the back piece will now fit perfectly into the cut off section of the shirt.


Pin in and sew in the back section along the top and the sides stopping a little before the end on both sides.


Serge or zig zap stitch the patterned fabric hem starting at where you left off of sewing the sides.  Then, fold the serged piece over and match it up to the remaining part of the black t-shirt sides.  Sew the sides and then sew the rest of the hem.  Add the pocket and your shirt is complete.

anthropologie pattern pop shirt refashion

It should have been so easy! Don’t make the same mistakes that I did! Cut your fabric back piece plenty big!!

Anthropologie Wardrobe Refashion copy

I am loving having some new clothes to wear and it is a big plus that I don’t have to spend the $58.00 to buy the Anthropologie version.  It is so satisfying to check another shirt off my Wardrobe Revamp and Refashion list!

wardrobe revamp and refashion_checkmark3

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Gold Spray Painted Pencil Holders

gold spray painted pencil cupsI have been having spray painting commitment issues.  Remember my little bird figurine that I was going to spray paint?  He still looks the exact same.  To my credit, I did go to a store.  After much deliberation and fruit snack bribes, I decided on a spray paint color for my bird figurine.  I know the suspense is killing you.  Ok fine, it was like a lime green color.  When I went to spray it on though, the nozzle was clogged.  I took it as a sign.  My bird figurine is destined to be a different color.  Although I admit to having had some commitment issues associated with spray paint in the past, I knew just what color I wanted to spay paint these pencil holder cups when I saw them at a yard sale.  The organizer cups would look great with a gold makeover.

before and after gold pencil holderNow I had seen many a post about what color of gold spray paint is best.  I checked the spray paint at Hobby Lobby and JoAnns and all I found was the Krylon paint.  At this point I needed to make a decision.  How much did I want to drag my three kids to a hardware store only to have to wander through the lighting section as a trade for them to look at spray paint with me.  Krylon it is.  I was pretty happy with the Krylon gold spray paint though.  It wasn’t super shiny but it had a nice color.

single gold pencil organizer_wmWhat a relief to have something to put my one pencil and 5 other tools into.  How did I ever survive without them?!  It does help to organize things in a pretty way.  I am always a fan of organizing for the eyes!


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Garage Sale Finds

This past weekend we hit up a few garage sales.  Here is our haul:

5 yards of white corduroy fabric- $4
Black pitcher $.50
3 Bags of nuts $.45
Total: $4.95

I bought the bags of nuts from a cute little girl.  She sold me one bag for $.10, one for $.05 and one for $.30.  It made me smile. 

Oh yeah, we did pick up one more thing while we were garage sale hunting.  It was by far the most expensive thing we found.  We picked up our very own $650.00…..

We ran over this little beauty and it completely punctured our tire.  Air was gushing out.  The hole was so big that they couldn’t repair the tire.  We have all wheel drive and so we had to replace all our tires. Boo.