Easy Watercolor Typography


I started off by making only one of these watercolor typography art pieces, but then I got instantly hooked.  I made three of them so far and I am sharing the tutorial of how I made them using my Silhouette Curio over on the Make It & Love It blog.  Find the full tutorial HERE!

Sure, I’ll Plant a Succulent in that


I am over at the blog Make It and Love It sharing this darling elephant succulent planter that I made from an old kids elephant toy.  Head over there and check it out for the step by step instructions!

Click Here For the Step By Step Instructions

Edible Doll Clothes Kids Craft with Airheads

This post is sponsored by Airheads.  All opinions are my own.


As the weather starts to get colder and the kids are in the house more, I have my eyes out for activities and crafts that they can do inside.   [Read more…]

Easy 4th of July Felt Star Garland

Easy Felt Star Garland

Felt garlands are easy to make and they add such a festive touch to any party or holiday.  I wanted to spruce up my 4th of July decor by adding a felt star garland.

How to Make a Felt Star Garland_Tutorial

I cut out the stars individually by hand out of craft felt.  My star was about 2 inches x 2 inches.  I arranged them in a red, white and blue pattern and started sewing.  I went from one star tip straight across to the other tip and kept going tip to tip for each star.  I found that pulling the already sewn stars gently helped the banner from bunching up while I was sewing.


After your done with the felt banner, just wrap it around a piece of cardboard like I did with my circle felt banner below.

circle felt banner

Wrapping the banner around a piece of cardboard keeps the felt garland from getting tangled or breaking.

4th of July Mantel 2014 copy


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Pioneer Trek Handmade Gift Exchange

Pioneer Trek Handmade Gift Exchange Activity

I was asked to help out with the planning of some activities for the youth Pioneer Trek that my church group was doing.  I never had the chance to go on Trek so I didn’t really know what to do or expect.  I looked around online but found few resources to help me.  One of the things that our Stake leaders wanted to do was to have the kids make a gift for someone in their Trek family.  Myself and another lady put together a box of supplies that the kids could use to make a handmade gift for someone else.    We wanted the gifts to be made with natural elements so that it would fit with the experience of being on Trek but we also wanted them to be something that the kids might actually like and want to keep after the Trek was over. [Read more…]