High Low Skirt Refashion

High Low Skirt Refashion

Last year I picked up a skirt at a yard sale.  It was a beautiful color, flowy and belonged in a grandma’s closet.   It was the perfect diamond in the rough for me to try my hand at making a high low (or Hi-low or whatever you want to call it) skirt.   One of the problems that I have found with high low skirts that you buy in the stores is that the high part is REALLY high.  I wanted to wear the skirt comfortably and so I didn’t want the high part of the skirt to go above my knees.  Making one was a great option!

Hi low skirt refashion tutorial

This was a pretty simple refashion.  Once it was done, I couldn’t help but walk around and feel the flowy-ness of the skirt.  I loved it! If you want to try this, you definitely need to keep an eye out for the right kind of fabric so that the new high low skirt will flow.

How to make a High Low Skirt

5 steps later and you have a new skirt.  Now let it flow!

hi-low skirt refashion DIY

I paired this high low skirt with some booties recently to carry it into my fall wardrobe.  I just made it so I’ve got to get my $1 money’s worth out of it!



Red Heart Stenciled Shirt Refashion

Red No-Sew Heart Stenciled Shirt Refashion I have decided that there needs to be more refashion blogs! I love to see how people transform old clothes.  It gets me motivated to refashion my own clothes.  I was thrilled to be able to get together with some fellow refashion bloggers and refashion something RED out of my closet.  I chose a red shirt that I had relocated to my refashion pile.  It was frumpy and a little bit ahhhhh (yawn) boring.  I had just purchased a fabric marker and thought I would try out a few different designs on my red shirt.   [Read more…]

Crochet Collar Shirt Refashion

Crochet Yarn collar shirt refashion

This is a repost of the tutorial that I did for Bugaboo, Mini, Mr. & Me for her Yarn it All Series.

When Kimberly asked me to be a part of her Yarn it All series, I immediately said yes.  Then I started thinking… what in the world am I going to do with yarn?! I am a begining crochet-er at best and it takes me a REALLY long time to crochet anything.   Usually my hats are too small and the shoes I crochet aren’t the same size.  So my yarn skills may be a little rusty but my refashion skills are doing alright.  I thought if I could combine yarn with a refashion, then I may just be able to pull off a cute DIY yarn project after all. And thus the Crochet Collar Shirt Refashion was initiated. [Read more…]

Contrasting Sleeves Shirt Refashion

Contrasting Sleeves Refashion

There are those shirts in your closet.  You know the ones.  The ones you would wear IF…the collar wasn’t so low, IF it wasn’t so short, IF it wasn’t so tight blah blah blah.  I have tons of them.  This was one of those shirts.  There were many things I loved about it.  I loved the length of it and the fun details at the top.  In fact this was the very shirt that inspired my Bow Shirt Refashion! It often got overlooked though because of the sleeves. [Read more…]

Comfortable Elsa Outfit Tutorial

Comfortable Elsa Outfit_DIY
Who hasn’t fallen in love with Disney’s new movie, Frozen? My little girls have and I have to admit that I have too! About mid January my family decided that we were going to take a trip to Disneyland in… 2 weeks! The planner and DIYer in me was scrambling to get everything done that I wanted to in preparation for our Disney trip. My oldest daughter is a little older and so I didn’t think she would want to wear a princess dress into Disneyland like she had in years past. She surprised me though and said that she wanted to wear her Snow Princess Halloween Costume while we were at Disneyland. Now I know that they let kids wear in Disney costumes but I didn’t know if they would be down with any old costume comin’ through. I couldn’t let me daughter down though. She wanted to be Elsa. Okay, I know this isn’t quite a dress, more of an outfit but you get the picture. I had to put something together quickly so I did what I do best, a REFASHION! Of course I took some pictures to put together a DIY Elsa Dress / Outfit Tutorial. [Read more…]