Aztec Stenciled Leggings

DIY Aztec Leggings designed_by Lisa Richards

My daughter goes through leggings like they are disposable or something.  I have tried putting patches on them but she had one pair of white ones that was so dirty and stained that no amount of patches was going to do anything for them.

Aztec Leggings Refashion with Stencil Material

Fortunately Silhouette came out with a new stencil material so I made an aztec stencil and used fabric paint to turn the stained white leggings into aztec leggings!  They turned out so cute that I want a pair too!  If you want to see the full tutorial head over to the Silhouette blog!


  1. Awesome idea! Yet more proof I need a Silhouette. I keep holding out, hoping I’ll win one someday 😉

  2. They turned out SO cute!! What a great idea!!

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