Arrow Graphic Design Shirt Refashion

arrow shirt refashion

The next shirt in my Wardrobe Revamp and Refashion was more on the crafty side and less on the sewing side.  Since there was little sewing, this DIY arrow graphic t-shirt refashion was easy and fast.  I got the grey shirt on sale for a little over $2 at JoAnns.  Their t-shirts are long and slim fit at the bottom but the sleeves and tops are a little too baggy for my taste.

Arrow Shirt Refashion Before_AfterWant to see how I did it?

I started by cutting off the collar.  Maybe I have a short neck or something but I don’t like feeling like I am wearing a turtleneck when I am supposed to be in a t-shirt. Luckily I don’t mind the unfinished collar so I just plowed on.  I used my silhouette cameo to cut the arrows out of freezer paper.  I used the negative space leftover after the arrows were gone and ironed it onto my shirt.

paint arrowsA few good coats of black velveteen fabric paint did the trick and my arrow shirt was almost done.  Now onto the sewing part, I turned the shirt inside out, pinned the sleeves and top where I wanted to take it in and sewed down.

sew sidesThe pic doesn’t show the shirt inside out, so just remember to turn it inside out before you sew!

Arrow Shirt Wardrobe Revamp and RefashionHere is the inspiration version from Feather4Arrow on Etsy along side my version. My arrows didn’t go down as far on mine because I was working with a 12 inch mat.  That is okay with me though.  You still get a similar feel between the two shirts.  I like how it can be casual or dressed up a little.  I have worn it with shorts which makes it look super casual, but throw on a black skirt or black skinnies and boom, cute graphic t-shirt outfit that can transition to a date night.

wardrobe revamp and refashion_4checksCan you believe I have the whole top row of my Wardrobe Revamp and Refashion done now! B-I-N-G-O!! Shirt Bingo!  My prize is 4 new shirts in my closet.  How fun is that! It has been such a treat to make things for MYSELF lately.  I am always doing things for other people but now it is my turn.  Time to knock out the next row!

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  1. I love it! I seriously can’t wait til you get to number 12 because I want that shirt so much! Thanks for stopping by Hello Hydrangea – I love meeting another refashioner!

    • greylustergirl says:

      Thanks Lindsey! Can’t wait to see your refashions too! I am following you on Facebook so I will not miss a thing!

  2. Simply Amazing Lisa! I’m lovin’ this wardrobe refashion BINGO :).

  3. Another super cute refashion! (^_^)

  4. I love how it came out!

  5. I really love this series! Target makes some t-shirts I really like, that were on sale this week. I may have to go back and grab a one to try this out.

  6. Hi! I love this idea! I had also favorited that same shirt on Etsy so now I definitely need to try and make this! Which design did you use from the silhouette store to do the arrows? I also have a silhouette Cameo. Thanks!!

    • greylustergirl says:

      Hi Christine! I used a 3 different arrows from the silhouette store. I just went in and searched for arrow and picked my favorites. Not sure how to tell you which ones because they are all called “arrows” :).

  7. AWESOME shirt! Seriously looks like something you could get a Anthropologie!

  8. Holy cats, love what you did to the shirt. I’m also clicking through all your shirt refashions! Such amazing ideas!

    So glad to work with you on our upcoming giveaway!!

    Much Love,
    Trisha D.

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