Watercolor Easter Egg Hunt Invitation + Printable

watercolor Easter Egg Hunt Invitation

Okay. I will admit it.  I love to watercolor.  As far as expertise goes, I am at about a first grade watercolor level (and I use my preschoolers watercolors) but watercolors don’t discriminate! They don’t care if you are Bob Ross or Grey Luster Girl! They love you all the same and they are very forgiving.  My sister asked me to help out with an Easter egg hunt she was doing and said that she needed invitations.  I looked around for inspiration and found these cool Easter hunt invites from Minted.  Immediately I thought of my good friend, the watercolor palette and wanted to make my own watercolor Easter egg hunt invitations.

Outline for Water Color Egg InviteI designed my invitations with black type and the egg portion of the invite was printed with very light grey ink.  It was so light in fact that I had to turn the invite at an angle and bump up the contrast so that you could see it.   I used my daughters watercolors to follow the outline.

Easter Egg Hunt Invitation

I made the eggs all sorts of colors and all the invites together looked like a big colorful Easter egg collection.

Want to make your own watercolor Easter egg invitations? You can download a printable with my design HERE for free!! If you decide to download it, it would make me so happy if you would pin one of the pics to Pinterest for others to find.  I would also love to see anything you make with it!  Please remember it is for personal use only! 

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Paper Flowers Wall Art

Paper Flowers Wall ArtWhat says spring more than flowers?! I saw this gorgeous picture the other day of some wall art featuring 3d paper flowers.  It was from Target and you could buy the flowers in a pack of 4 for $7.00.  Pff, I could totally make that! I ain’t paying $100 for something I could make myself.  Well after days of cutting flowers, rolling petals, gluing, gluing and gluing some more that pack of 4 for $7.00 started sounding pretty reasonable.   If you are as cheap crazy as me and want to try to make your own DIY paper  flower wall art, look no further! Follow the tutorial of what I did!

3d paper flower tutorial
Cut out your paper flower petals.  Roll the petals with a pen or other rounded cylinder.
rolling tools_3d flowers tutorial
 I used a few different sizes depending on how big and full I wanted my flowers to be.
Paper Flower tutorial stamen Some of the paper flowers I did had paper stamen.  To make those I wrapped them around the end of a pencil.
10 Beautiful 3d Paper Flowers
 I used 10 different types of flowers.  All can be found in the Silhouette online store.  I made some of them as big as I could to fit in a 12×12 page, some to fit in a 8 ½ x 11 page and some small ones that could be fit multiple times in one page.
Glue paper Flowers
Once the flowers were rolled, I glued them together with Elmer’s Glue. I arranged the flowers all on the board first before I adhered them to the board.
Arrange Flowers wall art

I put double sided adhesive on the back of the flowers. I just took one flower at a time from my pre made arrangement and stuck it on with the double sided adhesive.  That way I already had the arrangement laid out and it was easy to follow.  I didn’t want it to be permanent because I wanted to be able to use the flowers later.   This worked fine for a few days but then the double sided adhesive wasn’t strong enough and some of the flowers started falling down.  I am going to try hot glue and see how that does.

Spring Mantel_paper flowers
Right now the 3d paper flower wall art is resting on top of my mantel.  It feels very anthropologie-esque.  I have plans to use it for an upcoming party so I didn’t mind taking the time and paper to make it.  I love double duty projects like that.   Plus now I have cute decorations for 40+ gifts!  Can’t go wrong there!

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Yarn it All Guest Post: Crochet Collar

Crochet Collar Refashion Tutorial

I am over at the blog Bugaboo Mini, Mr & Me guest posting in her Yarn it All Series.   Kimberly always comes up with the most creative names for her series’! She asked if I wanted to do a guest post involving yarn and I said yes before I realized that I don’t really know that much about yarn.  I do know a little about refashioning clothes though so I grabbed a crochet hook that looked nice and a yarn that felt soft and I closed my eyes and jumped.  I came up with this crochet collar refashion that I actually love quite a bit.  Come see how I did it!

yarn it all

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Monogram Easter Basket Tag

DIY Monogram Easter Basket Tag

How do you do Easter baskets at your house? Does the Easter bunny leave them out in plain sight? Does he hide them? In our family, the Easter bunny hides the baskets and then leaves clues for each of the children.  Each child has their own hunt they have to follow in order to find their Easter basket.  This is the way the Easter bunny did it when I was growing up.  We would go on our hunt (some of the clues were ridiculously hard! – Check the shoe?! Come on!!) and at the end we would find our Easter basket.  The basket had a paper tag on the top of it with our name written on it.  I wanted to personalize my kids Easter baskets so I decided to make monogram tags for them.

Offset monogram

I used the Flourish Frame Monogram Alphabet shapes from Kolette Hall to make the monogram.   Since it would be hanging by itself, I added a back to it so that it would be more sturdy.  I did this by offsetting the shape and then deleting the inside points leaving just a frame.

chipboard monogram tutorial

I cut out my shapes using the Silhouette brand chipboard.  The chipboard is pretty thin and you could substitute a cereal box instead and I bet it would work just fine.   After I cut out the chipboard I painted my shapes white.

Easter Basket Monogram Tutorial

I wanted to add some texture to the monogram tag so I cut out a piece of burlap to about the same shape as the chipboard frame.   I painted on a very light coat of white paint to the burlap. I put a thin layer of hot glue onto the back of the burlap and glued it onto the white frame.  Then I glued on the monogram.

Easter Basket InitialI punched a few holes in the top for the ribbon to go through and tied the monogram onto the basket with a big bow.

Burlap Chipboard MonogramNow each child will have their own monogramed Easter basket!

Monogramed Easter Basket Tag

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Individual Chocolate Mousse & Cake Cups

Individual Chocolate Mousse & Cake Cups

These individual dessert cups have chocolate cake, chocolate mousse and vanilla mousse nicely packaged into a single serving.  I made them for my son’s Dashing Deer Party.   Even though they have 3 components, they are a semi-homemade dessert so they won’t take the whole week to make!

IngredientsI like using the Duncan Hines Triple Chocolate Decadent cake mix.  It is the best chocolate cake mix in my opinion.  I get it at Walmart along with the Jello brand chocolate mousse. The mousse can be found by the pudding mixes.  My Walmart doesn’t have the vanilla mousse but our local grocery store Maceys does.  They used to have a white chocolate mousse which I have used before also but they didn’t have that this time so I went with the french vanilla mousse.  I like going the boxed mousse route so that I don’t have to worry about raw eggs.

Chocolate Mousee Cake Cups Recipe

The tall plastic cups are from Walmart.  I cut off the top of one of them and used the remaining bottom piece as the cutter to get a round correctly sized piece of cake for the bottom of the cup.  Then I piped in a layer of chocolate mousse followed by a layer of french vanilla mousse.

Individual Chocolate Mousse & Cake Cups


1 Duncan Hines Triple Chocolate Decadent Cake Mix (plus ingredients to make it)

4 Packages (4 servings each) of French Vanilla Mousse  (plus ingredients to make it)

4 Packages (4 servings each) of Jello Brand Chocolate Mousse (plus ingredients to make it)



  • Start by making the chocolate cake according to package instructions. Bake it in an 9 x 13 pan.  You can do this the day before if you would like and then keep it in the fridge.  I like doing this.  Seems like my cake is extra moist after an overnight stay in the fridge.   If you make it the day of, make sure it is completely cooled before putting it in the cups.   Cut the cake into 24 circle pieces and place each piece at the bottom of a cup.
  • Make the chocolate and vanilla mousse according to package instructions.
  • Put the chocolate mousse into a piping bag (or ziplock bag with the tip cut off) and pipe in an even layer on top of each cake.
  • Put the vanilla mousse into a piping bag (or ziplock bag with the tip cut off) and pipe in an even layer on top of the chocolate mousse layer.
  • Makes 24 individual dessert cups

Individual Chocolate Mousse Dessert Cups

I tied a plastic spoon onto each cup with some twine so that they were all ready for the party goers.  I found that if I placed the spoon with the convex portion of the top facing inward, it rested nicely against the cup.

Grey Luster Girl_Mousse

Since the mousse doesn’t have eggs in it, you can feel just fine about your birthday boy licking the beater!  If you want to see the Dashing Deer party where these individual chocolate mousse & cake cups were featured, you can check it out HERE!