Thanksgiving Mantel


Thanksgiving mantelI know everyone is in Christmas mode already but I am just throwing this Thanksgiving mantel idea out there for next year if anyone wants a simple holiday mantel idea.   I made the GATHER wooden sign with my Silhouette Cameo.  It is double sided.  The other side says JOY.   The DIY wreath was super easy to make and you probably are getting the main supply shipped right to your house in your Amazon package!  Brown packing paper.  Just cut strips of it and twist them.  Then glue them onto a Styrofoam wreath frame.


How do you integrate a turkey into your home decor without making it look knick knacky? Neutralize it with white paint.  Now that is one classy turkey.  Perch onto your classy mantel Mr. Turkey.  Good Turkey.



Edible Doll Clothes Kids Craft with Airheads

This post is sponsored by Airheads.  All opinions are my own.


As the weather starts to get colder and the kids are in the house more, I have my eyes out for activities and crafts that they can do inside.  I enjoy doing crafts with them but sometimes it is not always possible for me to be right there with them doing the craft.   This craft is great because it can be done with an adult or without an adult. This edible doll clothes activity uses Airheads candy.  Airheads lend themselves really well to this kids craft because they are moldable.  It is a craft that both boys and girls can have fun with and it also spans many ages so everyone can get in on the fun.

Airheads Kids Craft

My 3-year-old son had a blast doing it and was able to do it without my help.

DIY Airheads Project

Likewise my 9-year-old daughter and her friend and my 6-year old-daughter all loved making doll clothes out of Airheads to dress-up their paper dolls.


The first thing you need to make the edible paper dolls is this FREE Paper Doll Template Download.   The free paper doll template comes with 2 dolls on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet.  Just cut the sheet in half.  I laminated each paper doll sheet.  If you don’t have a laminator, don’t sweat it! You can use a piece of wax paper and a permanent marker.  Place the wax paper on top of the paper doll template and trace the doll using the permanent marker.  When you are ready to make your edible doll clothes using the Airheads candy, just flip the wax paper over and you will be able to see the doll outline on the other side.  You can craft up an outfit without having to worry about the marker getting on the Airheads.

Edible Paper Doll Craft Supplies_Airheads

The process for making the edible paper dolls is simple.  Most supplies you probably already have on hand too so that makes it really easy to throw this kids craft together really quickly. You may even have some Airheads at home already.  This is also a great way to use up leftover Halloween candy!

To make the edible paper doll clothes craft you will need:


Paper Plates

Plastic Knives

Paper Doll Template

Wax Paper* optional

Glass Bottle* optional

Airheads Paper Doll Dress Up Craft Tutorial_DIY

This is an easy tutorial.  Unwrap your Airheads candy and place it on the paper plate.  Put it in the microwave for 3-5 seconds.  I found that when using just one Airheads, 3 seconds was plenty.  After the Airheads is softened in the microwave, place it between a folded piece of wax paper.  Use a glass bottle or other cylinder to flatten the Airheads out.  Use your knife to cut out your doll clothes.  Decorate your paper doll with the various different colors and flavors of Airheads.  I love how bright the colors of the Airheads are.  They make the doll clothes really pop.

yummy edible paper dolls activity_airheads

My kids really loved this fun Airheads craft project. Of course they kept sneaking tastes of the candy as they were working. I can’t blame them though, Airheads have such a delicious sweet and tangy flavor!

Airheads Kids Craft_Edible Paper Dolls

This kids craft project was a total win.  The laminated paper dolls can be used over and over again.  I had the supplies on the counter after the activity and the next morning I came in to see the kids all making new Airheads doll clothes all on their own.  Love it.  Airheads are also inexpensive which makes it a cheap but fun kids craft.  You could also scale it up for a large group of kids for other activities like birthday or holiday parties.  The kids could make themed dolls – Christmas dolls, Thanksgiving dolls, Halloween costumed dolls or ninja dolls, princesses or superheroes.  An added bonus is that Airheads are peanut and gluten free so no need to worry about those allergies during the party or craft activity.

For more fun ideas on how to craft with Airheads visit and follow them on Pinterest. To learn more about Airheads candy visit their website and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube!

Faux Etched Glass Mirror Believe Snowflake

This post brought to you by Kolette HallSplit Believe Snowflake Faux Etched Glass Mirror

Decorating at Christmas time can be tricky.  Over the years you accumulate more and more holiday decor.  I was talking to a friend the other day who was so overwhelmed by her decorations that she didn’t even want to put any out.  If you are at that point my friends, take a step back and realize that you don’t have to put EVERYTHING out! If fact, you don’t HAVE to put anything out.  If you find that some of the Christmas decorations you have been holding onto are not quite your style anymore, maybe it is time to try something else.  I did that this year.  All my decorations this year (with exception to my nativity) are new to me.  Are they expensive? No.  Are they over the top? No.  They are simple and many of them are handmade.

Faux Glass Etched Mirror Christmas Vinyl Decal

This easy Christmas decor idea is no exception.  It is understated yet I can’t help but smile when I glance at it.  I used the Silhouette brand Frosted Vinyl to make the faux etched glass decal for my mirror in my entryway.

I used the Split Snowflake shape from Kolette Hall to make my Believe Snowflake.

how to add words to a split shape

Like most of Kolette Hall’s shapes, the Split Snowflake comes with 2 files.  One can be ungrouped and one can not.  I wanted to work with the one that could not ungroup so I deleted the other.

Believe Snowflake

I typed out my word, you could use any word you wanted.  Many people put last names or first names in between split shapes but I thought Believe would be a good word that encompasses several aspects of Christmas.  I chose to do my word in all caps so that the tops of the letters and the bottoms of the letters would be able to weld to the split snowflake.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 3.18.01 PM

Move your word to the center of the snowflake.  You will see that my believe word overlaps the snowflake at both the top and the bottom.  This is necessary to be able to weld them together.

How to make a Split Snowflake Decal

You can use the weld function in the bottom panel or you can also find it in the modify tab.  Make sure the shapes slightly overlap and then highlight them both.  Click to weld.

How to weld with the Silhouette CAMEO

Now you can see that the believe is welded into the middle of the snowflake.  I cut this snowflake decal out of frosted vinyl using the regular vinyl settings and simply placed it on my mirror using transfer paper.

Believe Split Snowflake

I really love the subtleness of the faux etched glass mirror and I always love a good and easy project! Kolette has SO MANY gorgeous shapes for Christmas and every other season or event you can think of!   You can check out Kolette’s most recent shapes in the Silhouette Online Store HERE.

Thanks for stopping by and Merry Christmas!

Easy Witch Halloween Costume

Easy Handmade Witch Halloween Costume

This year we did an easy take on a classic Halloween costume, the witch.  This is an easy costume because you can use things that you probably already have in your child’s closet.  We used a black maxi skirt and a black long sleeve shirt.  I only made two things to accesorize this witch costume and give it some DIY handmade touches.

DIY Feather Witch Cape

The first thing I made was this spiderweb and feather witch cape.  My daughter wanted to have spider web cape that attached to her arms.  I wanted to make her a black feather capelet.  So we compromised and did both.  This can easily be a no-sew project.  I sewed two elastic circles and attached them to each end for her wrists to go in.  Other than that, I hot glued everything.  I took one yard of fabric and folded it in half.  I curved the edge and then used a bowl to cut out sections to make the edge look like a spider web.   Lastly I glued on a piece of black fleece fabric to the back of the cape and then turned the cape over glued black feathers onto the black fleece section. You could also attach a black ribbon along feather area and use that to tie the cape on.  I did this at first but I didn’t like that I could see the tie.  Instead I hand sewed the cape onto the black shirt.

DIY Mini Witch Hat Headband

The other thing I made for the witch costume was a DIY mini witch hat headband.  I bought the mini black witch hat at JoAnn’s in the doll section.  The headband was from the dollar store.  I removed the bow and hot glued on the mini witch hat.  To the hat I glued a black feather, a pice of of the sheer spider web fabric and then a spider from a spider ring (I cut off the ring part).

Witch with spiderweb cape halloween costume

By making the feather spider web cape and the mini witch hat headband, we have a cute handmade witch costume that was easy and quick to put together!

Golden Butterfly Princess Halloween Costume

Golden Butterfly Princess Halloween Costume DIYI must have looked like a deer in the headlights when my daughter said she wanted her costume to be a “Golden Flower Butterfly Princess” for Halloween.  Okay.  For some reason, no inspiration was flowing.  We decided to go to the fabric store so that she could pick out the fabric that she wanted.  I was hoping that would steer me in some direction. She picked out the fabric in that you see in the skirt.  Well that takes care of the flower portion of the princess outfit. The fabric was a little pricey so I only bought 1 yard of it.  I used it all on the skirt.  I sewed a simple tube skirt with an elastic waistband.  Now what to do for the rest.

Butterfly Princess Costume made with Silhouette CAMEO

I refashioned the shirt for the outfit out of a women’s shirt.  The color seemed to work with the flowery skirt.  I turned to my Silhouette CAMEO to cut out the butterflies.  I used a gold fabric with gold dots on it.   I laid the butterflies out of the shirt first and arranged them.  I sewed a few details on a few of the butterflies before pinning and then sewing them by their centers onto the shirt.

Fabric Butterflies Princess Costume_silhouette CAMEOI cut 2 different sizes of butterflies and I doubled up some of them for extra detail.

DIY Butterfly Crown

To make the crown I made a wire circle that would fit around my daughters head and wrapped it in the only leftover scrap that I had from the skirt! I used some of my fabric butterflies for the crown but this time I sewed them onto a paper butterfly as well so that they had a little extra support.

Butterfly Princess Crown Handmade Costume

I hot glued the butterflies in place around the front of the crown.

butterfly cape DIY

At this point I felt like the costume looked good but it was missing something.  I made a little cape in the shape of butterfly wings from some sheer fabric.  I attached the ends of the wings to some elastic that went around her wrists so that when she raised her arms, it looked like she had butterfly wings.

Homemade Butterfly Princess Halloween Costume

I have to admit, she looks beautiful! She says she feels like a real princess so that is a win in my book!